Aligned Pilates Studio–Mom and Baby Pilates

Lindsay (mom and Physical Therapist!) is an incredible teacher that is not only knowledgeable about postpartum bodies, but can multitask with ease and grace.  Don’t worry if your baby gets a little cranky in class–Lindsay has been known to cuddle and bounce your baby so you can continue your workout.  Baby only wants to be held my mom? Lindsay will design exercises that safely allows you to carry your baby and strengthen your body!

You will leave this class feeling stronger and knowing that you are doing the best for your body.

This class is a must!  Check out the Mom and Baby Pilates Class on Facebook or sign up through the Aligned Pilates website.

“This class is taught by mom and Physical Therapist, Lindsay Chaffin. Come learn how alignment, breathing, and proper strength exercises can help heal a diastasis rectus separation and get you back to feeling strong. Strong mamas are happy mamas, and happy mamas make for happy babies!”

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