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My Gym classes are a great way for babies/toddlers to explore, play, and climb in a safe environment.  Filled with music and fun activities, these classes are always a hit amongst babies/toddlers!

My Gym offers unlimited classes for the summer (and at different times throughout the year) to attend as often as you want! The classes–specifically speaking on Tykes and Waddlers classes–follow a routine of a group warm-up, skill of the day, and skill stations run by the employees.  The class routine is not strict and gives the babies/toddlers the opportunity to roam around as needed. For new moms, this flexibility is much appreciated!

My Gym is always a place filled with upbeat energy. It is kept very clean and the equipment layout is moved each week to always offer a fresh experience.

Babies/toddlers enjoy the exposure to climbing apparatuses, slides, trampolines, swings, balls (to name a few things!) and are guaranteed to tire themselves out –hello longer nap times!  My Gym is highly recommended for you and your baby!

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  1. Fun

    Such a fun place! My 13 month old loves exploring everything. There is so much for her to do, she never gets bored. Love it!

  2. We love Shane! He is the best instructor and so great with the kids!

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