PEP’s New Parent Group Meetings

These meetings are the perfect place to find support and start to build your kid’s village! The people you meet here are sure to become friends that last a lifetime. Check the PEP website for start dates and more info!

Meetings are held every Wednesday from 10am-Noon at Trinity Lutheran Church (909 N La Cumbre Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93110)

Here’s the summary from PEP’s website:

“So you’re home with your new baby without the help of your doctors, nurses or midwives – now what?

PEP’s New Parent Discussion Groups (commonly referred to as “PEP Groups”) are a great place to meet other families with babies the same age, dealing with the same issues, sorting through some of the same challenges, and experiencing the same joys that come along with new parenthood.

PEP Groups are free-of-charge, facilitated by two trained PEP volunteers, and cover topics such as breastfeeding issues, sleep challenges, emotional highs and lows, and changing relationships. It’s comforting to know that others are going through the same thing at the same time, while learning from each other in a safe environment. For some new parents, PEP Groups are the first place they’ve taken their baby in the car. For other parents, it’s an environment to explore the many emotions that come after birth. And for everyone, it’s a place to meet new friends!

PEP is different from other new parent groups, with a primary focus on support of the new parent(s). Healthy and supported parent equals happy and healthy child. We encourage peer support in a judgement-free atmosphere. PEP is not sponsored by paid companies, parenting books, or other websites, and we do not solicit or endorse products at our Groups gatherings. We understand that every family is unique, and our philosophy is that there is no one right way to parent – we encourage each family to find the methods that are right for their ever-changing needs.

Come to our PEP Groups with the intent of getting and giving peer support, and leave making new friendships that will last a lifetime!”

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909 North La Cumbre Road, CA US Santa Barbara, CA
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